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Taking your beloved dog with you on holiday?

Taking your dog with you

It is always nice when you can take your dog with you on holiday instead of leaving them alone in a pension. That’s why Holland Campers offer one motorhome, the Adria Coral Acces, in which you are allowed to take a dog. This motorhome is equipped with a double air-conditioner to make sure that the motorhome will remain cool when you have to leave your dog alone in the motorhome for a while. The motorhome has to be connected to a 230v hook-up. The motorhome has space for a basket or bench, to make sure they have their own place and won’t go on the couch or beds.

The space, however, is limited, so we set a maximum of dogs weighing 25 kilos, and a maximum of one dog. We charge €3,00 extra a day and €20,00 for the cleaning of the motorhome.

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